Online applications are invited from bonafide cItizens of India for selection of candidat~~   -', f~r recruitment to Tripura  Civil Servic_eGrade-~ & T~pura  Police Servi'c~ Grade- H, Gro.u~ra Gazetted under GA(P & T) Department, Govt.of Tripura In the scale of Pay level -14 of the Trip
State Pay Matrix, 2018.                                                                                        -               .
Vacancy positions  are: -

Educational  Qualification:
fa}  Essential:  ..A.
candidate  must hold Degree of a recognized  University.
(b)  Desirable:-Knowledge   of Bengali/English/Kokborok   language,

Age: - A candidate  shall not be below  21 yeats  and over 40 years  of age as on 01-03-2022   on the basis  of Madhyamik,  Higher Secondary  or equivalent  examination  Certificate/   Admit Card. Upper Age-limit  is relaxable   by  S(flve)  years  in case  of SC, ST, Differently  abled (PH) candidates    and Government  Servants,   provided  that the Govt. servants  of SC/ST/ Differently  abled (PH) -category shall not get this  relaxation   over  and  above  the  general  relaxation   of 5 (five) years  available   to

Choke of Centre:  ~ The  Commission  wfll conduct  Prellrnlnary  Bxamlnation at 06(six)  differ(e~~ Centers    viz.  (0  Agartala,   (iO Ambassa.    (flJ) Belonla  (Iv)  Dharrnanagar,     (v)      &. Udaipur. The  Intending  candidates   will  have  to  write   name   of anyone  center   out of•the   SIX ~ instructed   in the  Online Application  portal.  If a candidate  does  not mention  name  of. ceDt~rthe
~is/her    Application    Form,  the  Commission   at  its  discretion   win aUot a center   from  any  one  0   the
hsted    centers.    The  Commission    also  reserves    the  right  to  change   the   Center as  opted    by
Candidate(s). if considered necessary.
.  - for
Preference   of Service: - A candidate should clearly indicate in his/her  application ~e  servl<;efor
which  he/she   wishes   to  be  considered  in  order  of preference.  No representationflette~    ed­ alteration  in the preference  indicated by a candidate in.his/her'. application shall be entertaUl'es Sel~ction of candidate will be made in order of merit and according to the nurnbe:'•o~vacan:    a
avaIl~ble. Due consideration  will be given, as far as practicable, to th,e preference  l~dicated
candIdate,  but  the Commission reserves  the right to select him/her  to any seTVl~efor ~  ble. he/she  is a candidate on consideration  of his/her  fitness and the number of vacapCles .avai a  b Candidates  should  note  that  unless  they  indicate preference  for  a service  they  may  not    .e recommended  for such service evenif theyare  found otherwise eligible for the same onthe
of  ~e   :esult   of the  Examination.  The  candidate  must  write  or as  instructe~   in th~  a   :; applIcation  portal. 01 for TCS and 02 for TPS in the column for preference  of post/Se~c~     (P Code).

The  Iast  date  of receiving   application   is'30/04/2022.    the   appUcation(s)  received after  the closing date will  not be, entertained.
1. Online Application   Portal:
(a) Candidates will have to submit  application through  Online Application Portal  only. Before
submission  of online application, read carefully the instruction to candidates.

(b) Online Application Portal willbe  available on Commission's website  from 29/03/2022    to
30/04/2022    (5.30  PM). Before applying for the post, an applicant  shall register  his/her   bio-data particulars    through   One Time  Profile  Registration   (OTPR) on  'the  Commission's  ,Website   viz    Once applicant  registers  his/her  particulars,  a User ID is generated   and sent  to his/her  registered  mobile number  and email ID. Applicants need to apply for the post using the OTPR User ID through  Commission's  website.                                                                   .

(c.)Applicants    should    avoid   submitting    multiple   applications.    However,   if   due   to   any unavoidable   circumstances,   any applicant  submits  multiple  applications  then  he/she   must  ensure that  the application  with latest  Receipt Number  is complete  in all respects.

(d)   In case of multiple   applications,   the  application  with  latest  Receipt  Number  shall  only  be entertained  by the  Commission   and  fee paid  against  one  Receive  Number   shall  not  be  adjusted against  any other  Receipt  Number.

2.  (a)  Candlc1.Jrt"    ar   not   r  (,,,,red td uplo  d  with ttl I" appJ (. tlt..,u ~Ryurrlfu:ate  tn tupport   of their clalms reprdlp8   A '. EduC3ffOft.1J  Quaftnca  foru. Perm nenl   R6ldt1lt ten.UwRt', Schedu1~ Castesl  ,du~duled Trih    ~ud P rson wfth Bendun.uJc DLUbUity (I'H). F.X-Servt«,t.k~  elC- wnlch Wlll b  v ntied at the time o(th   Malo ,f!nmlnatlotl.

(bJ Applicantsmust be 'tnposswlon of the prewib~   mJDlmum qumfJatfon(s) (ot tb~ Se'rYf~ on  the dosing  date   (or  submission    of application   as mendoned    in the adve~~              Thdt admission  at all the  stages  of exalminaoon (or which they are admUt.ed for the  p(~~ ExamInation, Main Examination and Personality   Test Willbe purely provWo.oaJ. suble(t:m $eJf satisfying the prescribed eligibiJftyconditions. Mere issue of admission c8tificate  so the candidate
will not imply that  hls/ber  candidature has been finally cleared by the Commission.

(c) Preliminary Examination qualified candidates will be-asked to submit aD reqUired doamlent5 at the Commission's Office.On scrutiny of documents, if a candidate found ineligible as pet ,te~
& condition of the Advertisement  (including prescribed Recruitment fee) his /her candi~e        .
be rejected. If employed,   must   apply  through   proper   channel or attach   a,~o    Obj~ctlon
Certificate"    from  his  /her   employer.   However,  an  advance   copy  along with  copIes  of
all   required      certificates/    documents   be    sent    to    the    Comraission  and    ~other photocopy    of the  filled-in  application    to be sent  through   proper   channel. If employed
after  submission  of  application,  "No Objection Certificate" from the   con.cerned
employer to  be  produced at  the   time of interview.

3. No restriction shall be imposed on number of chances for appearing in the examination.

4.Physical Fitness & Medical.Examination: A candidate must be in a good mental and bodily health  and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the discharge of his/her  duties  as an officer of the service. A candidate  who after such medical Examination as the  Government  or the  Appointing  Authority   as  the  case may  be,  may  prescribe   is .found  not  satisfied   these requirements,    will  not  be  appointed.  Any candidate  called  for  the  personality   Test  by  the Commission may be required  to undergo the Medical Examination.    .

S. Selection  Process:
(aJ       The  Examination     will  be  held  in  three   successive    stages   namely   (i)  Preliminary Examination     (Multiple   Choice  type  question   pattern    OMR based)   (U) Main  Examination (Pattern    of Question   in  Main  Examination    will  be  as  mentioned    in the  latest   syllabus) and    (iii)    Personality      Test     The    Preliminary      Examination,      Main    Examination       and Personality    Test  will  carry 200  marks,  800  marks  and  100  marks   respectively.
(hi    In case  of Preliminary     Examination   (Multiple   Choice  type   question    pattern     OMR
based)   there  shall be negative  marking  of JA(One-fourth) of the marks  assigned  to that  question
for each wrong answer/multiple    answers.             '
(c)      In case of Main   Examination     there   will  be  negative  marking  of 1A.(One-fourth) of the marks  assigned  to that  question  for each wrong  answer/multiple    answers   only  in the   General Studies   Paper-I,   (Section-I).
(d)         Medium of language  for answering  questions  of main examination  will be governed  as per the Commission's notification  No. 10(l-S)-Rectt/TPSC/     2019 dated  29/03/2019.
(e)      A limited  number  of candidates"  maximum  10  (ten)  times of total  posts  (category wise)   will  be  selected    merit   wise   on  the   basis   of  the   result   of  the   Prelimi~ary Examination,  subject  to securing  minimum  qualifying marks  as fixed by the Commlsslon. These  selected   candidates    will  be  allowed   to  appear   in  the  Main  Examination.   The selected  candidates   on the basis of the results  of the Main Examination  will be allowed  to
appear  in the Personality   Test.
(fJ   The  Preliminary    Examination   is a screening   test  only  to  select  candidates   for  the Main  Examination.   The marks   obtained   in this  examination   by the  candidates   will not be considered   for preparing   final  merit  list. On the "basis of result  of Main Examination candidates   will be called for Personality   test  as per the  following  ratio:      

 It is also mentioned  here that candidate(s) scoring marks equal to that  of the last ql,lalified . candidate  in  the  Preliminary  Examination/  Written  (Main) Examination shall. also be. called, for next stage of t!te recruitment  process.
 The final selection will be made in order of merit on th'e basis of the marks obtained' by a , candidate   in  the  Main  Examination  in  aggregate  and  by  adding  the  marks  obtained   in  the Personality   Test   In  no  case,  a  candidate   will  be  considered    for  'Personality   Test   unless he/she    appears   in all the  papers   of the Main Examination.   If a candidate   remains   absent   in the  Personality   Test, his/her   candidature    will not be considered   for final selection.
6. SyJIabus:

(aJ       The   Government      in   GA  (P&T)   Department     vide   Notification     No.F.10    (l)-GA (P&T)/2004(P)       dated   5th  January   2018  has  amended    Rule  6 of the  Tripura    Civil Service Rules, •1967  and  Rule  6 of the  Tripura   Police  Service  Rules,  1967  as  "Tripura  Civil Service
, and  Tripura  Police Service (Appointment  by Combined Competitive Examination)  14th (fourteenth amendment)    Regulations,   2017". As per  the  amendment  notified  Syllabus for Main Examination contains    only compulsory   papers,   except   Bengali Composition  or  Alternative   English  or  Kok-
. Borok   The candidate  will  select  either  Bengali Composition  or Alternative  English  or Kok-Borok as  one  of the  Compulsory   Paper  and  wiIl indicate  the  code  of that  paper  in the  Application/as instructed    in the online application  portal, In no circumstances  it can be changed  after  submission of the Application.
(b)      Information  regarding  Scheme and  Syllabus for  Preliminary    Examination    and Scheme   & Detailed  Syllabus  of Main  Examination   are  available  in the  Commission's Website

7. Rate  of Recruitment     Fees:
(aJ      Group-APosts.-  RsAOOj-   (Rupees four Hundred) only for General Candidates and Rs.350/­
(Rupees three  Hundred   and  Fifty)  only for STjSCj    BPL card holders/Physically     Handicapped
Candidates. Recruitment fee so deposited is non-refundable.

(b)       SCjST   Candidates of other States (not recognlzed by the Govt. of Tripura]  must  deposit fee
as General Candidates.

CcJ           If a  candidate  submits   incomplete  application  in respect  of terms  &  condition of the
Advertisement and without requisite recruitment fee, his/her   candidature Will be rejected.

8. SCjST  candidates  of other  States  ( not recognized by the  Govt, of Tripura ) should apply  for unreserved  vacancy76  as general  candidate  along with recruitment   fee prescribed  for general candidates,

9.  Decision of the Commission as to the eligibility or otherwise  of a candidate  at any stage of the selection process shall be final.

10.  Assessment  and  evaluation  of the answer  scripts done by the Commission shall be final and shall not be open to scrutiny  by any external au¢ority.•                                                                      ,

11.  Candidat~   are instructed  to visit the Commission's website  for information  regarding  steps of recruitment   process  time to time .. _

12. The' Examination  venue  shan  be closed  10 minutes  before  the  scheduled  commencement   of Examination.   No candidate   shall  be  allowed  entry  into  the  examination  venue  after  closure  of entry. No functionary  has any direction  in this regard

13. Mobile Phone/Electronic    Gadgets etc. are banned  in the Campus of the  Examination  Premises
/Interview    Premises.  Any Phone/   Electronic  Gadget found  in possession   of any candidate   in the Examination   Premises   /lnterview    Premises   shall  be  confiscated   forthwith   and  he/she    may be debarred    from   appearing    at   the,  Examination    /interview     and   also   for  the Examination[sJ/lnterview        to   be   conducted    by  the   Commission   in  future   Violation   of  such instruction   will be dealt 'as per  Law.

14.• Entry in the Examination   hall  with Jacket,  Coat, Pull over  & this  type  of garments   will not be allowed
Secre a
Tripura Public Service Commission
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